Land art becomes brand art

The 1. Outdoor print-robot transforms every surface into an advertisement medium.

Fast, spectacular & environment-friendly

Print with up to three colors in one print task without waste.

100% branding 100% support

Draw even more attention to your brand.

Large format out of home advertising

Pixelrunner opens up new dimensions for out of home advertisement. Whether lawn, snow, or asphalt – with Pixelrunner you can transform every landscape or surface into an advertisement medium, creating the maximum advertising value with little effort. We place your message where media and people bustle. Telegenic, obvious, and incredibly promotionally effective.


Brand logo, lettering and pictures are in 2-D or optical
vertical in 3-D.


The durability of your Pixelprint varies by vegetation period. Therefore, your print can last from a couple of days to several weeks. For extended visibility refreshing the picture is possible.


Pixelrunner draws attention to your picture – spectacularly
and eco friendly.


The durability on snow is based on the weather changes such as thaw and fresh snow. Perfect placement for drone shots, TV-camera, or viewers.


Full-color brand logos, lettering, pictures, and floor guiding systems: colorfast and detailed.


Pixelprints create maximal advertising value with little effort such as on the run course, the finish line of a marathon, around a fairground, or an open-air festival.