More brand awareness with Pixelprints

UCI Strassenrad WM 2018


Lans, Tyrol


Print size
1.200 sqm.

Dual color

Certified ecological colors

Print duration
4 hours

Depending on vegetation and weather

The UCI Strassenrad WM took place in 2018 in Tyrol. Therewith, Austria had hosted the world championships for the third time. Tirol Werbung GmbH had leading involvement during the preparations. During the eight event days a total of approx. 600.000 fans were on-site cheering on 965 athletes from 77 nations.

The image had been chosen collectively as well as the location along the course. On that base, a mockup and a print file were created by the means of the Pixelrunner software solution. After successful coordination, the print file was finalized, and the image printed one day before the event took place.

The Pixelrunner event colors, certified by the environment agency, are ecologic colors. Their main component is water. The topic of environmental compatibility was important to the landholder and had been guaranteed by using Pixelrunner event colors.
With the Pixelprint and the specific highlight measures upgraded the overall appearance of Tirol Werbung GmbH during the UCI Strassenrad WM 2018. The brand Tirol Werbung successfully managed to transform their campaign goal of raising brand awareness. Due to the ideal location of the image, it was seen for several seconds in more than 150 countries on live TV. Moreover, Tirol Werbung GmbH received a lot of positive feedback from viewers on the event site.

“The customized scope of design of a #pixelprint offers a unique integration opportunity as well as a valuable differentiation towards other event sponsors”

Mag.(FH) Thomas Bacher, Event sponsoring Ski Alpin and Rad Tirol Werbung

UCI cycling championship in numbers

  • 244 million Euro advertisement equivalent value online reporting
  • 2 billion social media reach, 600.000 live viewers
  • 47 million viewed TV hours in 20 European countries
  • Broadcasted in more than 150 countries
  • 72 TV channels from various important origin markets

(translated; German original source © 2018 Innsbruck Tirol Rad WM 2018 GmbH)