Out of home advertising – soccer stadium


Austrian Soccer League Match




NV Arena St. Poelten, Niederösterreich




3D logo (dual color)


Certified ecological colors

Print duration

2 hours


Depending on vegetation and weather

Advertisement in a soccer stadium is not uncommon and always visible for viewers in the stadium as well as from home. Companies and sponsors advertise their products reps. brands, soccer clubs profit off these revenues.
Cam carpets are carpets set next to the goal posts. With the correct angle settings, the flat logo or image on the carpet looks like a 3D element on camera. The viewer at home will only notice it just being a carpet in that area as soon as the angle changes e.g., when using a different camera setting for slow motion shots. For viewers in the stadium, it is obvious at all times, for viewers close to the camera the 3D effect can be noticed similarly.
This advertisements tools benefit, next to the frequent flashes during the game, is that these carpets pose no injury risk for the players. Due to the high costs, most carpets are contracted seasonally as they pose an expensive investment for companies reps. sponsors.

Cam carpet vs. perspectival Pixelprint

No injury risk stands if the cam carpets are printed on directly by the Pixelrunner Mk2. Furthermore, the perspectival Pixelrunner is adaptable on short notice and could theoretically visualize different companies after every match in the same area. It is also possible to play on the warm-up zone as well as the area next to the player and coach bench. Through messages one can directly address fans in the stadium and at home.

In June 2020 testing was done on the advertisement effectiveness of a Pixelprint in the goal area as well as a printed message on the ground next to the coach bench. The feedback on the making of video on Facebook was tremendous.

“We gained a sensational reach with the making of video on Facebook”
-DI(FH)Mag. Thomas Zoechbauer, director of sports sponsoring & sales SKN St. Poelten

Hier geht’s zum Facebook-Posting

Key figures Facebook posting

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